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3D Consulting on Vimeo


A litle bit like a spider in the creative web, thats me. In this era of digitalization its not just about creating a film or image. We have to look at the whole picture. Visualizations are important, created and used in the right way it gets very powerfull. Here are some of the projects I have been working with over the time. Its often technicaly advanced features, products or similar. Everything can be visualized!


Volvo - Combitech


Volvo is working with IoT and sensors in many different ways, we have created a serie of films to describe technical features and design. The productions were done in cooperation with system developers and used for intern and external audience.


Saab Avionics - Combitech


When developing a new mission adaptive TAWS system, which is a technical complicated thing, a film was created to showcase the new features of the system.


Saab Aerostructures - Combitech


LOCOMACHS (LOw COst Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures) is a collaborative research and development project coordinated by SAAB AB, gathering 31 partners including the European key players in the aircraft industry.


A film with interviews, animations and live-images from the factory was created to present the results.


FMC Technology - Octaga Visual Solutions


For thos who could not join the conference or wanted to explore the FMC booth before the event in Houston, could do so online, using this interactive 3D-representation of the booth.


Saab Support and Services - Combitech


To ease the work for mechanics working with maintenance and reparations an interactive manual was created to take the user through the process step by step. This system can also be used for education and as a spareparts catalogue.


Dustcontrol - Combitech


When Dustcontrol where to launch their new product series of suction brusches for foodcontact

we created a marketing film showcasing the most important features of their new products.


Ericsson - Combitech


To visualise a new workflow we created a film for internal use at Ericsson, to make sure everyone have the same image of it.


Statoil - Octaga Visual Solutions


To welcome guests to the Statoil office this introduction film was created to go through the safety and security on the Statoil area. The film was created in a easy to understand manner.


Saab Aeronautics - Combitech


With the fighter aircraft, Gripen E, Saab will deliver serveral packages of training for pilots, operatiors and mechanics. I was involved in the prestudy of developing a virtual trainer for mechanics on the aircraft.


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